The Bulletin - Winter 2001


Translating Basic Science
How Bench to Bedside Progress is Bringing
Maryland into the Spotlight

The technology explosion of the late 20th century paved the way for extraordinary advances in medicine. Now, with research funding on the decline, basic scientists and clinicians at medical schools are being forced to re-evaluate the way they conduct their business and teach their students. At Maryland, three relatively new department chairs in the basic sciences view these changes in the landscape as opportunities rather than obstacles.

The Medical Alumni Association Honor Roll
Each year we recognize the thousands of alumni, faculty, and friends who supported the medical school with gifts to the Medical Alumni Association’s annual fund during the prior fiscal year. In this issue we pay tribute to those whose gifts were received between July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2007. Our honor roll listing also includes members of the John Beale Davidge Alliance, consisting of the school’s most generous donors.

Alumnus Profile: Stephen A. Valenti, ’78
Changing Beats
Raised in a family with a musical background, Stephen A. Valenti, ’78, strummed his way through school by opening for musical groups like Three Dog Night and Buddy Rich. After earning his medical degree, he developed an interest in another beat—cardiac rhythms and heart sounds. Today, on the verge of celebrating his 30th medical school reunion, Valenti enjoys the best of both worlds.

Alumnus Profile: Protagoras N. Cutchis, ’83
No Appetite to Tag Along
During childhood, “Tag” Cutchis, ’83, began tinkering with electricity, and he developed a number of gadgets ranging from a color organ to a stereo power amplifier. His work continues today as a senior engineer in the national security technology department of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, after earning a medical degree at Maryland and a master’s degree in electrical engineering. But these gadgets being developed have a slightly different mission: improving and saving lives.

The editorial board is proud to present Volume 92, Number 2 of the Bulletin magazine, the oldest medical alumni association publication in the United States. In addition to serving as the medical school’s primary communications link with alumni since 1916, the magazine serves as a bridge connecting us to our past. This section of the magazine features snippets of past issues, offering a look at our medical school 25, 50 & 75 years ago.

Melvin Sharoky; '76
Protagoras N. Cutchis, ’83




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