The Bulletin - Winter 2001


Medical Readiness: Facing the Threat of Pandemic Influenza.
The World Health Organization has been tracking the spread of avian influenza A virus H5N1 since its 1996 discovery in Guangdong Province, China. Although it has killed fewer than 100 people to date, the consequences would be devastating if the virus mutated into a pandemic strain. Maryland researchers led by James Campbell, MD, are working feverishly to contain such an eventuality should one occur.

Alumnus Profile: Mathew H. M. Lee, ’56
A Gold Key for a Sterling Alumnus
This year’s recipient of the MAA Honor Award & Gold Key is Mathew H. M. Lee, ’56, medical director of the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at New York University Medical Center. He has testified before Congress on the benefits of music and healing, is a consultant to the World Bank, has written books on music and dentistry, and is an accomplished violinist.

Alumna Profile: Dorothy A. Snow, ’79
Monitoring the Pulse of the VA
The new chief of staff at the Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System in Baltimore is Dorothy A. Snow, a 25-year veteran of the institution. As chief of staff, she supervises clinical services at the VA medical centers in Baltimore and Perry Point, six community outpatient clinics throughout the state, as well as the Baltimore VA Rehabilitation & Extended Care Center that treat more than 50,000 veterans each year. Despite these enormous managerial responsibilities, Snow continues to expend her precious free time seeing patients.

This Year’s Historical CPC

In addition to serving as the medical school’s primary communications link with alumni since 1916, the Bulletin magazine provides a bridge connecting us to our past. This section of the magazine features snippets of past issues, offering a look at our medical school 25, 50, and 75 years ago.

James Campbell, MD
James Campbell, MD oversees
the avian influenza research






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