The Bulletin - Winter 2001
The Rise of the Department of Emergency Medicine
  An Identity All Its Own
The Rise of the Department of Emergency Medicine

In 1985, Robert Barish, MD, came to Maryland to revitalize emergency medicine. The school had lost its accredited emergency medicine residency program and EM had been downgraded from “division” to “section” status within the department of surgery. Over the next 21 years Barish, along with colleagues Brian J. Browne, MD, and Elizabeth Tso, ’79, would elevate the program to its own department. And today, with restored accreditation, it is regarded as one of the country’s finest.

Maryland’s Multi-Disciplinary Graduate Program   The Evolution of Science: 2008
Maryland’s Multi-Disciplinary Graduate Program
in Life Sciences

The explosion of biomedical knowledge during the latter part of the 20th century compelled scientists and instructors to begin crossing the traditional disciplinary boundaries in their approach to research and teaching. This collaborative spirit is embedded in the foundation of the University of Maryland Graduate Program in Life Sciences offering cutting-edge research training in the biomedical sciences.
Alumnus Profile: Donald H. Gilden, ’63

Alumnus Profile: Donald H. Gilden, ’63
On the Heels of MS

The 2008 recipient of the Medical Alumni Association’s Honor Award & Gold Key discovered that the varicella zoster virus—the virus that causes shingles—is latent in human ganglia, and his work helped lead to a herpes zoster vaccination. Lately, Donald H. Gilden, ’63, and his team at the University of Colorado are attempting to zero in on the cause of multiple sclerosis.

  SPECIAL: A Retrospective on the Bicentennial of America's Oldest Public Medical School
The bicentennial anniversary celebration of the University of Maryland School of Medicine was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. No other American public medical school has reached this milestone, nor has any other entered a third century. Considering the inherent pressures of such an undertaking, our 200th anniversary celebration was appropriate, comprehensive, smoothly executed, and memorable.

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