The Bulletin - Winter 2001
Anatomy with Papa A
  Anatomy with Papa A:
Lessons from Larry Anderson

Despite an ever-changing curriculum, it will please many alumni to know that anatomy continues to play a prominent role in a Maryland medical education. Since the late 1970s, the course has been directed by Larry Anderson, PhD, whom students refer to as “Papa A.”

Trailblazing Trauma Research   Trailblazing Trauma Research:
The Organized Research Center for Trauma & Anesthesiology Research

Maryland boasts of an extensive history of collaborative research between the specialties of trauma and anesthesiology. In 2007, the school formally tied the knot by designating an organized research center for trauma and anesthesiology research. Its major thrust has been to better understand brain injury.

Alumnus Profile: Morton I. Rapoport, '60

Alumnus Profile: Morton I. Rapoport, ’60
Reflections on Privatizing Maryland’s Hospital
Twenty-five years ago this month, the Maryland General Assembly approved legislation privatizing University Hospital. Its CEO, Morton I. Rapoport, ’60, who led the enterprise for the first 19 years, recalls some of the ups and downs of his tenure.

Alumna Profile: Dorothy Hsiao, '75   Alumna Profile: Dorothy Hsiao, ’75
Three’s Company
Dorothy Hsiao admits to a high degree of uncertainty regarding the selection of a career path while working toward her undergraduate degree. She spent a year doing immunology research before medical school. The amusing part of this story is that her three sons experienced similar internal struggles, and now all three are attending Maryland—at the same time!

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