The Bulletin - Winter 2001


Fifteen Years of Remarkable Progress:
The Wilson Era

Dr. Donald E. Wilson (featured on the cover standing in front of HSII) is retiring on September 1, ending a productive 15-year term as Maryland’s dean. The medical school has prospered under his leadership. Wilson’s strategic initiatives have transformed the institution, and alumni are absolutely delighted with Maryland’s rise in stature.

Understanding Edgar Berman, ’39
In this issue, the Bulletin takes a look back at the life of Edgar Berman, one of the medical school’s most colorful figures of the 20th century. After graduating in 1939, Berman crossed paths with—and befriended—some of the world’s most powerful figures. He performed landmark operations, published several books, and served two U.S. presidents. But his reputation was forever tainted during a Democratic committee meeting in 1970 when certain of his utterances infuriated women.

Alumnus Profile: Harry C. Knipp, ’76
Cultivating a Family Tradition
For more than 150 years the Knipp family has cared for patients in the Baltimore area. The tradition dates back to 1887 when Harry E. Knipp graduated from Maryland and opened a family practice on the west side of Baltimore. The latest member of the family to practice medicine is Harry C. Knipp, ’76. In addition to a radiology practice, Knipp currently serves as chairman of the Maryland Board of Physicians.

This Year’s Historical CPC

In addition to serving as the medical school’s primary communications link with alumni since 1916, the Bulletin magazine provides a bridge connecting us to our past. This section of the magazine features snippets of past issues, offering a look at our medical school 25, 50, and 75 years ago.

Jonathan with dog Marty
Edgar Berman, '39






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